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Create an organizational diagram that accurately depicts the current organizational structure (using PowerPoint or another drawing tool). On a scale of 1 to 10, rate your perception of the following characteristics:

  • Mechanistic vs. Organic
  • Task Role: Rigid or Flexible
  • Communication: Vertical or Multidirectional
  • Decision Making: Centralized or Decentralized
  • Sensitivity to Environment: Closed or Open

After completing your analysis, prepare a brief summary analyzing your results and determine whether you were surprised by your responses. Support your response with examples. Then, identify which aspects of your organization’s structure you would change. Create an updated organizational chart that accurately depicts the new organizational structure and explain why and how this new design reflects an improvement of the organization’s ability to meet its goals. End your paper by explaining how management might assess whether the proposed new organizational structure is working as intended after 6-12 months. What key performance indicators would you measure and why?

I would like it written for a government organization.