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This exercise is an integral part of this course aims to gain basic hands-on experience in managing real-life projects. The work must be submitted to the instructor before the set deadline for assessment. Below are the key steps to manage this exercise: 1 Select the Project: Select small and ‘practical’ project you are familiar with. Preferably from a real scenario that may involve the student’s career, social, or logistical interests. This will be discussed and explained further in class. 2 Get Instructor Approval: If in doubt in selecting the project, please share your ideas with the instructor to discuss your project for appropriateness to this exercise. 3 Practice PM Tools: Use the specifics of your project to construct and submit a portfolio that comprise the below project management documents. Templates for most of these documents are uploaded in Moodle, the rest are discussed in the class at various lectures. 1. Business case 2. Adopt system approach to analyze business initiative 3. Select appropriate business initiative using ‘quantitative’ approach 4. Project charter 5. Assumptions and constraints 6. Stakeholders register 7. Stakeholders management grid(s) 8. Project scope statement 9. Work breakdown structure 10. Milestone list 11. Activity duration estimates (PERT) 12. Network diagram using CPM 13. Gantt chart 14. Basis of cost estimation 15. Activity cost estimates 16. Project funding requirements 17. Quality matric 18. Quality checklist 19. Requirements traceability matrix 20. Resource breakdown structure 21. Responsibility assignment matrix 22. Progress report 23. Status report 24. Earned value report 25. Selection criteria for project procurement activities Page 2 of 2 College of Business MBA 530 Managing Strategic Business Projects Instructions for Developing the Portfolio of the ‘Course Project’ 26. Risk management plan 27. Risk identification 28. Risk breakdown structure 29. Risk register with risk response 30. Change request form 31. Change register/Log 32. Issue log 33. Closure report 34. Lessons learned 4 General Notes: (a) The templates supplied are meant to get you started and support this exercise from educational perspectives. In practice, the project manager has more flexibility to change the contents of these templates as per the project specifics and any constraints imposed by the organizational, environmental or the local PMO practices. (b) The exact contents of each of these templates and possible variations will be pointed out by the instructor at different stages along the course. (c) The deadline to submit the project including all above, is before the last week of the course. (d) You may contact the instructor (see syllabus for contact information) for any query you may have