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Creative Dream Exploration Paper

Creative Dream Exploration Paper –

1. Please review the attached paper. Correct English/ grammar/ syntax and any sentence which is not clear or need to be changed.
2. Please follow the directions and see that everything is in place. If need to change anything, please do.
3. Please add citations from the two books where needed and add references (example for University’s requirements about references is attached)


During this course you have (a) kept a  creative dream journal, (b) explored a variety of ways of dreaming, and  (c) worked creatively with your dreams.  You will have also  participated in a dream circle.  For this assignment, you will explore  on ONE dream creatively and in depth.

We ask that you choose ONE (or a  series of RELATED dreams) that has meaning to you. They can be a dream  or series of dreams from the past or that you encountered during the  creative explorations.  Work in depth with this dream or series of  dreams by exploring them through several lenses.

  1. Record each dream in narrative form and give it a title. (Use the guidelines presented in the online item entitled, Keeping A Dream Journal
  2. In addition, share a bit about what  was going in your life at the time that might have contributed to this  dream and your initial insights about this dream;
  3. Once you have done this, explore it in depth using at least THREE different modalities. Use the book, The Art of Dreaming: Tools for Creative Dream Work by Jill Mellick to consider other ways of working with dreams as well as techniques highlighted by Jeremy Taylor.
  4. Describe your (a) creative dream  process , (b) how this process helped you to better understand this dream  and (c) added insights about the dream,
  5. Take a digital photo of any visual image or describe your process in detail. Include it in your collection.
  6. Once you are finished with this  exploration, write a five to seven-page paper that incorporates your  understanding of this dream as well as your understanding of this  particular dreams has shifted over time.

Assessment: This paper must demonstrate:

  • How you used more than one way of understanding your dreams;
  • Multiple layers of understanding (like personal, transpersonal, global perspectives);
  • A growing awareness of your understanding of your dream;

This paper must be well written, free  of writing errors, and reflect an integration of class material. 


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