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Criminal Justice Discussion

Please watch the documentary Catching Hell in the City of Angels (2013) through the link provided below.… (Links to an external site.)

Then, you will write the essay, which will incorporate your answer to the questions below. Also, feel free to include other points you observe in the documentary, and please try to make connections with the subject of the course. However, if you use other sources, please cite them correctly using one of the citation styles identified in the course syllabus and have a bibliography page at the end of your essay. Your submissions must be in DOC or DOCX format.

  • What are the socio-economic conditions of the Imperial Courts?
  • What is the impact of drugs and criminal networks on crime?
  • Why do people become drug dealers or get involved in crime? Please use one of the theories (the one that you think best explains crime causality) from the textbook (Chapter 3: The Search for Causes).
  • What is the impact of crime on the businesses and economic life in the neighborhood?
  • Why do people join gangs? What are the advantages?
  • Do some residents seem to be living in a vicious circle of crime? What are the difficulties ex-convicts face after they serve their sentence and try to reintegrate into society?

the essay will be doublespaced, written in font size 12, minimum three pages, maximum
four pages (excluding the bibliography page) in length. No cover page is needed.

• You must try to answer all questions provided to you for the assignment.

• You are not required to use any additional sources apart from the textbook and
lectures. However, if you benefit from additional sources, please cite them properly
(Chicago or APA styles are accepted) to avoid plagiarism; and have a bibliography
at the end of your essay.

• You are expected to present the content, critically analyze it, and reflect on the
new information you gained while connecting the issues to the course’s themes. It
is essential that your paper is wellorganized and written in a professional language
(e.g., no use of contractions) that applies the grammar and spelling rules.

Submission must be in DOC


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