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Criminal Justice Discussion

you must have responded to the question below with an original post and responded to another student’s post using information we have covered during this week. Please write at least 4 – 6 sentences for each original post and 2- 4 sentences in your responses.

Discussion Board Questions:

After reading the assigned text and articles for this week, answer one of the following questions in your own words using support from the readings and your own opinion:

  • What are mandatory arrest policies and how are they used for incidents of domestic violence? Do you think they have helped victims of intimate partner violence? Why or why not?


  • Briefly describe two of the barriers that can prevent victims of intimate partner abuse from reporting their victimization to police or seeking support. How can we reduce these barriers and increase reporting and support seeking?


One barrier is the language barrier of immigrants or people who don’t have English as a first language. They aren’t able to properly get help as it is unlikely they’d be somewhere they could be fully and properly understood. A fairly simple solution would be to have as many people of different race, ethnicity, and language capability at these support services. As well as advertising these services everywhere and in any way possible in these languages. Another barrier is that women don’t feel that the justice system takes these matters seriously, and we have seen several instances where this is true. They either aren’t believed, or they’re blamed, or their abuser doesn’t get a worthy punishment if even that. These places are supposed to be safe for women and for the people, yet some are victimized twice – once by their abuser, twice by the system. Officers should be trained in how to properly approach these situations, and the justice system needs to start taking these matters more seriously and give proper punishment to those deserving. 


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