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Criticisms of Ourselves and Think Positively Psychology Questions

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Respond to the following:

Question A:

Yes, I do believe this can help us make more accurate assessments of ourselves. When really sore memories or criticisms of ourselves continue to resurface, it can discourage personal growth and nurture a negative self-image. Letting go of the past and the negative feelings about ourselves that come with it can give us the chance to reassess who we are and where we stand relative to who we want to be. As Caroline Dahlman describes, it is like watching balloons float up and out of sight. Of course, this is easier said than done, but it can plant a seed for motivation and perseverance to reach goals. I would work with the grandmother for this scenario. It would be important for her to let go of dangerous habits that can put her in the same financially unstable situation. However, it would also be important for her to let go of criticisms of herself and her situation that may linger long after the resolution of her problems. This can help her reassess who she is as a new, stable, strong, and capable woman. Letting go of a victim or self-blaming mentality can do a lot for her. I would walk her through questions such as “How would you describe yourself before FSI?” and following up with “Who are you NOW? What has changed?” I would also ask questions like “What do you believe was holding you back before?” and “Do you believe it is still holding you back?” This can help develop and type of “before and after” perspective and help her establish a brand new her.

Question B:

Cleaning out some old issues and old baggage goes back to the self-help books and self-esteem lifting quotes of all time. If you google getting rid of old baggage, multiple websites appear on ways to get rid of your emotional past, numbers of ways to let go. This is not a new idea but a way of becoming emotionally aware and healthy. Moving forward from a heartful or negative past can give you an inner peace that is rejuvenating to say the least. When you carry old hurtful memories and hold on to the negative things’ others have done to you, these emotions only hurt and damage us. These emotions make us sad and bitter and do not allow us the power to move forward and be happy.

With that being said the answer yes! We need to clean out our old issues to make a clearer assessment of ourselves. We need to be a better version of ourselves and can only do this with getting rid of the items or words that keep us in a negative state of mind. How ever you need to let go, do it. Find a way to be free from that weight that we call baggage that keeps us down. This can be done in many ways, one being by getting rid of physical items like the video we watched, or by writing those negative or clouded images of ourselves down changing them to positive powerful words (Dahlman 2008). We can write them down and retrain our minds with kind affirmative positive words.

When working with our FSI families, we can help them understand the importance of letting go of their hurtful past and be grateful and happy for today and what is yet to come. Giving them tools and emotional support to move forward and understand the importance of putting the past behind them can give them a clearer assessment of themselves.


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