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CRJS 2003 Walden University Wk 4 Power in the Criminal Justice System Discussion

Learning Resources

Required Readings

Lippman, M. (2018). Contemporary criminal law: Concepts, cases, and controversies (5th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. Chapter 2, “Constitutional Limitations” (pp. 13–39)Contemporary Criminal Law Concepts, Cases, and Controversies, 5th Edition by Lippman, M. Copyright 2018 by Sage Publications, Inc. Reprinted by permission of Sage Publications, Inc. via the Copyright Clearance Center.

Farrell, A., DeLateur, M. J., Owens, C., & Fahy, S. (2016). The prosecution of state-level human trafficking cases in the United States. Anti-Trafficking Review, (6), 48–70.

For this article, skip the “Methods and Measurement” section (pp. 54–58) and page 59. Focus on the power of the prosecutor on pages 51–53 and the interview quotes on pages 60–63 for insight into prosecutorial decision-making.

Department of Justice of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. (2015, Nov. 4). Prosecution code. Retrieved from… 

Document: Criminal Justice Case Studies: Criminal Law, Week 4 (PDF)

Required Media

Serial Productions (Producer). (2018). Serial: Pleas baby pleas. Retrieved from…
Note: This podcast contains a complete episode transcript at the “Transcript” link.

Discussion: Power in the Criminal Justice System

The branches of the criminal justice system work together to maintain a civil society. Enforcing laws, charging and trying offenders, and dictating punishment must coexist to safeguard the public. Without any one of them, the system would crumble.

But if you were to look at each branch of the criminal justice system individually, which one would hold the greatest power? For this Discussion, you share your perspective on power in the criminal justice system.

By Day 3 of Week 4

Post a response to the following:

  • Who has the most power in the criminal justice system—police, prosecutor, or magistrate?
  • Using the resources found under the Learning Resources for this week, provide two examples to support your response.
  • Should the power held by the role you identified be shifted to another role? Explain why or why not.


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