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CRJS 4260 SU Act of Using Violence and Intimidation Unlawfully Presentation

In the readings for this module, you read about explanations for why researchers believe there is variation in terrorism. That is to say, why do incidents of terrorism vary across time and place? Why does one person engage in ideologically motivated violence, when their neighbor does not? Why might one political organization support bombings and shootings to achieve their goals, while another supports grassroots campaigning? As you also saw, not all ideas are equal. Some ideas developed to explain these differences have more empirical and anecdotal support than others. For this assignment, you will choose the explanation that you believe explains the most variation (not all variation) in terrorism at the societal, organizational, and individual level. You will probably want to present a different explanation for each unit of analysis. For example, what theory or idea do you believe best explains differences in levels of terrorism across countries? Is it poverty? Is it governmental structure? At the group level, what best explains the likelihood for engaging in terrorism? What about at the individual level?

After developing your ideas and collecting information that supports them (either from the readings or outside sources), you will once again create a PowerPoint slide, display it on your screen while recording the presentation with Zoom (or other software you might be comfortable with), and give a 4-5 minute presentation on your topic. During your presentation you should talk about each explanation separately, offering support from the course readings or additional research that you conducted. You should also conduct media searches to identify an anecdotal example of an act of terrorism that could be explained by the theoretical ideas that you chose. For example, if you believe mental illness best explains why an individual chooses to engage in terrorism, then find a terrorist with a diagnosed mental illness. Although I am not requiring that you discuss the counter-perspective to yours in this assignment, you should be considering that when you are choosing which theories/ideas can explain the most. 


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