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CS 374 Colorado Technical University Software Design Creation Practice Research

Assignment Details:

Study the relationship between software architecture design and  software component design, and apply the relevant Unified Modeling  Language (UML) diagrams to capture both the architecture design and the  component design of a given software.

Assignment Specifications

First, visit this Web page to study the reference to understand several key concepts related to the software architecture design, including the following: 

  • What is software architecture  
  • The key principles and key design considerations of software architecture  
  • Software architecture patterns and styles  
  • The technique of architecture design

Use the book search and purchasing-related Web services subsystem on this Web page as your targeted software to reverse-engineer the following:

  1. Identify at least 2 design principles reflected in the targeted software.  
  2. Identify at least 2 architectural styles reflected in the targeted software.  
  3. Identify at least 2 key scenarios or use cases, and present them in UML use case diagrams.  
  4. Guided by the architecture styles and key scenarios that you  have chosen, present a logical view of the architecture of the targeted  software such that it will be divided into several components; each  component is called a package. Use a UML package diagram to show all of the packages and the dependency between the packages.  
  5. Pick up 1 package, and apply the UML component diagram to show another level of design details in the package.

Put all of the results of the above tasks into a document with the following template:

Template for the Design Document 

  • Cover page  
    • Course number  
    • Student’s name  
    • Date
  • Content pages (3–5 pages)  
    • Introduction  
    • Design principles  
      1. Design principle 1 (Reason, justification, and example)  
      2. Design principle 2 (Reason, justification, and example) 
    • Architectural styles  
      1. Architectural style 1 (Reason, justification, and example)  
      2. Architectural style 2 (Reason, justification, and example) 
    • Key scenarios  
      1. Key scenario 1 (Reason, justification, and use case diagram)  
      2. Key scenario 2 (Reason, justification, and use case diagram)
    • Logical view of architecture  
      1. List of packages (and components)  
      2. The UML package diagram  
      3. Brief discussion
    • Component-level design for the chosen package  
      1. List of components  
      2. The UML component diagram
  • Conclusion  
  • References

Here are the same references that were used in the assignment description. Other than that everything else is covered in the assignment description


Amazon. (2021). Home.

Microsoft. (2013, December 6). Microsoft application architecture guide (2nd ed.). 


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