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CS 465 Southern New Hampshire University Static HTML Site Setup Exercise


You are working towards building a full stack application,  specifically called the MEAN stack. The acronym contains letters  representing some of the critical software you will utilize to develop  the app (MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node.js). You have reached a  critical stage in the full stack project. You will create a database and  then connect the database to the server which, in turn, will deliver  the data to the browser for the customer who uses the Travlr Getaways  website. In this module, you will create MongoDB databases. You will  provide structure, models, and schemas to the database to establish the  groundwork for the API. Finally, you will add mock data to test pulling  live data from the database.


Follow the NoSQL Database, Models, and Schema section of the CS 465 Full Stack Guide and address the following:

  • Database Access Module: Create a JavaScript module to access the NoSQL database using the Mongoose package library.
  • API Integration: Create the logic necessary to  define the trip schema with validation and retrieve the trip data in  , using the Mongoose node package library.
  • Populate Database: Use the Seedgoose node package  library to populate the Trips collections with sample data suitable for  Travlr Getaways’ software requirements.
  • Testing: Test the database by using a database tool (Robo 3T) to verify that the data has been loaded correctly.

Guidelines for SubmissionCS 465 Southern New Hampshire University Static HTML Site Setup Exercise

Submit your updated zipped file folder, The trips.json  file should be included as part of the zipped file folder. This will  demonJSON formatstrate that when you open the database, it shows the live data. The  JSON file will live within the folder.

Please note: You will “push” your local Git repository module4  branch to your GitHub repository after each module iteration. This  procedure will become second nature to you as you move through the  course modules. In the end, you will have a full stack web application  with branches that represent key stages of building a full stack  application leading up to full project completion.


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