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CSS 301 UWB Technical Writing for Computing Professionals Essay


Answer the following questions.  Do not include the question, but do include the question number.  Many questions can be answered in a short phrase (don’t write full sentences unless necessary)

1) Topic you signed up for.

2) Your reader/audience; be specific. 

3)  What can you say about what this reader already knows and does not know about the subject of your chapter? E.g., terminology, jargon, background.

4) Chapter title and the title of the book (or manual) this chapter appears in (this isn’t on the topic list, so you’ll need to come up with this).  NOTE:  Book/manual titles often signal the reader; for example, The Non-Designer’s Design Book tells us who the writer is writing for.

5) Outline (Table of Contents): Organized headings (and nested sub-headings and even some sub-sub-headings) in a logical progressive level of disclosure order.    If you are not sure what a T of C for this assignment should look like, carefully study the 3 sample papers.

6) What table or figure do you plan to include in your chapter. NOTE:  The table or figure in Process should support the purpose of this pattern, i.e., should assist the reader’s understanding and ability to successfully and effectively accomplish the best practice.   

7) Verify that your Word document is in correct format (12-point Times New Roman or Calibri, 1″ inch margins) 


Brainstorm reasons the reader should or would want to read your chapter and follow the guidelines (best practices) you will be writing.

How will the reader benefit?  What problems will they avoid by following the guidelines?

Why is the general chapter topic and procedures important to the reader and/or an organization to which they belong?

List at least 3 answers to the above, which you can use to motivate your reader to read your chapter and follow the best practices that you outline.


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