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CSS 480 UWBl Principles Of Human Computer Interaction

Using the “10 Plus 10” method (see section 1.4 in Sketching User Experiences), work through Steps 1 through 5 of this process to produce sketches depicting 10 details and/or variations of a particular design concept that improves upon the “hobby application” designs you reviewed in the first assignment. You can start with any compilation of the “good vs. poor” designs that you want to, just pick a starting point and work through the steps. These should be done by hand using sketching materials as described in the book and on the syllabus if possible. A pencil and clear white paper will even do in a pinch. If you are new to sketching — or uneasy with this — take a look at chapters 2 and 3 in the Sketching User Experiences book to get some practice/hints to help you start sketching.

The 10 Plus 10 Design Process — assignment details:

For step 1, provide a written statement of your design challenge. this needs to be turned in.

For step 2, do some sketches — be creative — and don’t worry about how exact your sketches are. This is just for brainstorming. Be sure to retain these sheets in your sketchbook. Take a photo of a sample of them and include them under step 2 of the assignment.

For steps 3 and 4, reduce the designs as indicated to choose one particular deign concept that you will use your “base” design. This one needs to be scanned/photographed and turned in.

For step 5, follow the instructions and scan/photograph the 10 variations that you come up and turn them in.

For steps 6 and 7, these are ongoing. We will have other students look at your work. Of course, if you have some fellow hobbyists that you have a chance to show your design & variations to, that would be another great opportunity to get feedback.

ONE ADDITIONAL STEP, please provide a brief description of how the sketching process worked for you related to design quality, creativity, innovation, challenges, efficiency, or anything else that comes to mind from a design standpoint. What are your thoughts regarding your “Step 5” results. this should be 1 — 2 paragraphs. This is to be turned in. Also, provide any general comments you might have about your experiences with sketching.


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