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CSS Style Sheets and Basic Webpages Program

I’m working on a website development project and need a sample draft to help me learn.

  1. Basic Webpages and Content. 
    • This site should be about the various books on modern computing or IT technologies, featuring their respective prominent technological aspects and their corresponding applicability in the IT industry.
    • One of these pages, or just a section of one of these pages, should be about yourself, the creator of this site, your former study and/or work experience and perhaps your career goal.
    • Include some transparent and non-transparent graphics, different text sizes and colours, at least one table illustrative of all the major table features, and various layouts using HTML5.
    • Please DO NOT use any Content Management System or any web authoring tools (other than a plain text editor like notepad++ or Atom) at this stage although you are free to make use of any image editors.
  2. Cascading Style Sheets.  
    • Use suitable CSS style sheets to organise the layout, as well as the look and feel of your whole whole website consistently.
    • Replicate your complete (primary) website, and replace the styling for the whole replicated site using purely CSS style sheets for ALL the formatting so that they will all have a different but consistent look and feel on the replicated site. In other words, your replicated website should be the same as the original in its content and functinalities, except for the different external CSS style sheets. This replicated site should look and feel as much different as possible. You may check out this CSS Zen Garden to see how the same content can be presented hugely differently with the change of the external CSS style files.
  3. Forms, Queries, and Data Collection.
    • There are 3 aspects in this section. The first is to have a proper form set up for the interface on a webpage, the second is to have proper Javascript for the interactivity (e.g. clicking a button, or making an item selection or directly submitting a form, will fire up a database query), and the third is to make use of a PHP script to query the database to return the results.
    • There should be a hyperlink or a button, somewhere on the form, that would list all the records for at least one of the tables in the database (that table should be the table that you can enter data dynamically via the form).
    • Create a form so that a user can select a book to list all the relevant reviewers and their respective ratings described either in bookreview.sql or in a similar database of your own if you wish to add more features or fields to the database. Please read the comments inside this SQL script as you may have to modify the database name or the like there. This simple database is to keep track of which reviewers have been assigned to review which book for the publisher, along with their review reports, and which book has been written by which authors. For simplicity, a book will be recorded for its title and author/s, an author or reviewer will be recorded for his or her name, and a review report should contain an integer rating value between 1 and 5 (inclusive) and the date on which the review report is completed.
    • There should be at least a way to collect additional data on books and/or reviewers and their respective ratings on the website, and have the data added to the database in MySQL so that these new data will be automatically available to the future queries.


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