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CSUF Bullying Report and Social Competence Discussion

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1. Bullying Report and Social Competence Summary (5 pages of text minimum for this section, not counting Works Cited, 100 points): Once you decide on a group and topic, pick one of the five social competences above and which age group and email me with your topic. In the first section on your report, you will summarize what the research says about the social competence that you will be writing about. Please also summarize the type of population at the school you are consulting and the type of bullying problems that are occurring at the school. You will need to take this information into consideration when deciding on your activity. Please also discuss why this social competence is effective in reducing bullying behaviors. Please discuss the risk and protective factors you are targeting, based on your population and bullying problems at your hypothetical school. Please also explain how gaining this social competence would target the specific bullying risk or protective factors and disrupt the mechanisms through which bullying behaviors are developed and maintained. You are not required to tie in one of the theoretical perspectives, but you can if you would like to do so. In a nutshell, it is all the information that you are going to talk about in the presentation, minus the specifics of your activity.

2. Social Competence Activity (2 pages of text minimum for this section, not counting Works Cited page, 50 points): Develop an age-appropriate activity/lesson that would enhance students’ social competence in the area of your expertise. Your activity should take into consideration bullies, victims, and bystanders and be designed based on the relevant theories and research findings on bullying and its prevention and intervention. In this section of the report, please describe your activity and address the following: (1) the specific and measurable goal(s) you will try to achieve with the activity; (2) the concepts that will be learned in the activity and explain why learning these concepts are age-appropriate; (3) materials needed for the activity; and (4) detailed instructions about how to conduct the activity.

  • You must include in-text citations throughout the report as well as a Works cited page. Please include at least three sources. You can use a source that is an article or website that is not an empirical study for discussing your social competency or your activity as long as it is a reputable source.
  • Please see below for an example of how to tie together the bullying risk factors to your social competency.

2. Group Presentation (50 points): The group presentation is based on your activity as well as some of the information from your report. Group Presentations will be approximately 10 minutes at the last class meeting. It should be a professional presentation that demonstrates your activity and explains its purpose. Your presentation should be geared toward administrators, teachers, parents and others who will be involved in the implementation of the program. Please briefly discuss the following in your presentation:

  • define your social competency (i.e. bullying awareness, etc.)
  • the population of the children in your hypothetical program/school (gender, age, SES, ethnic distribution, and anything else you include to describe your group in your report)
  • the type of bullying problems your are addressing at your hypothetical program/school
  • the risk factors you are trying to reduce with your activity
  • and/or the protective factors you are trying to increase with your activity
  • a description of the activity, including materials and detailed instructions

You will need to convey the information clearly to both academic and non-academic audience members who may be unfamiliar with child development concepts and theories. You presentation should be professional, interactive, and use appropriate materials, and technology


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