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CSUN Comparison of Human with Feline and The Great Sphinx Analysis Paper

After looking through the images from your readings and recommended resources, propose your topic, and post images of your two proposed pieces. Do not try to compare painting to a building, which means that comparison should be made between same art forms. Please keep in mind that you need to select two works of visual art from two different time periods or style movements. Lastly, your works must be selected from one of the style movements beginning with the Prehistory, and ending with the Late Medieval time period. Once you have fully identified the two pieces, you also need to justify your topic by explaining why the two pieces should be compared. You may wish to consult some of the documents located in the Files area, in preparation for this and other milestones. Provide of at least one appropriate research source for each piece of art (no Wikipedia please)                         I will send you the two artworks

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
I. Topic Proposal:
a) Locate at least one image of your chosen pieces that you have selected from great works of Western
art and culture (from websites and online sources), with different angles or views.
b) Identify a) name of the artist, and b) name or title of each of the works of art you have selected.
c) Identify the style movement or period of time/culture and the closest date for each work of art
selected for the analysis paper.
d) Identify the location and origin of the selected works of art you have chosen to analyze.
e) Defend your chosen topic by explaining why the two pieces should be compared (in terms of their
significance to the time period, the cultural and historical context of the work[s], or the importance of
the works to the development of art). What do you hope your readers will gain through your


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