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CTU Online Funding and Grant Writing Skills in Human Services Discussion


Read the initial posts of the other learners and respond to two. In each response, ask clarifying questions or provide suggestions for improving the evaluation plan.

Student post down below:

Black Organizing Leadership Dignity (BOLD)

Evaluation Plan

The initial evaluation will be conducted by the PI. The PI will assess the evaluation section/draft to determine areas of substance and areas that may need revision. Once the PI has reviewed the plan the draft evaluation will be reviewed by the BOLD grant writing advisory committee. The team will consist of at least four people. One stakeholder, and a one community leader who supports the effort of BOLD, and two internal stakeholders.

“The evaluation is like a local research project dedicated to investigating the project itself” (Carr, C.E., 2015).

Data will be collected through research, by the advisory committee. Quantitative research for BOLD will need to be in the quantitative form, so it shows a need and results in the form of graphs, and other visual measurement tools. Visual research strategies and props will highlight the problem and the lack of resources in response to ethical leadership, racism, systemic racism, and other social justice challenges. Once the advisory committee has finished their review, they will submit their notes, concerns, suggestions, and expectations to the evaluator that was hired by BOLD. The evaluator will: Identify goals, describe evaluation design, determine what data should be used, and it more needs to collect. Discuss the evaluation design, develop e budget, identify what will be measured, review objectives, and methods and plan how outcomes will be measured. Once the evaluator has completed the evaluation plan the advisory board will sit the evaluator to review the evaluation and work together to progress to the next phase of developing a strong grant.

“Bring the evaluator on early and integrate evaluation processes with the day-to-day business of the project. This means that the evaluator should attend major project meetings both before and after a grant award” (Carr, C.E., 2015).


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