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CTU Online Funding and Grant Writing Skills in Human Services Discussion

Response Guidelines

Read the initial posts of the other learners and respond to two. In each response, ask clarifying questions or provide suggestions for improving the sustainability plan.

Student post down below:

Writing a grant proposal is the beginning of what can be a rewarding, and time-consuming venture. While being able to articulate the ability to sustain a project is important for all grant proposals, some grant awards require this information to be submitted (Coley & Scheinberg, 2016). Sustainability may mean during the life of the project or how an organization will continue the project after the grant money is gone. In order for the project to be sustained, an organization must evaluate if the project is meeting the goals and objectives, how they will fund the project moving forward, and if there is buy-in from partners and those assisting in the project. It is important to remember that being able to sustain the project can be appealing to a funder who wants to see a successful venture. Some grant proposal projects may even fund the project in the future by charging a fee.

NYAP’s grant proposal, prevention services to keep children safe in their homes, is not a type of project that would be acceptable to charge participants. However, there are other forms of funding, such as Title IV-E funding that can sometimes be used for preventative services. Therefore, the sustainability of the project will include research into a funding stream of Title IV-E funding, as well as the ability to bill for Medicaid services when using mental health wraparound services. In addition, it is important that those using the service, such as Department of Health and Human Resource employees, as well as partners in the community, have buy-in for the project. This will take training and statistical information providing them with the information that shows how the project is meeting the goals and objectives outlined. Buy-in comes from believing in something and being able to motivate those around you to believe in the same thing.


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