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CTU Online Understanding Community and Organizational Problems PPT

Understanding Community and Organizational Problems

Assignment Overview

In your work as a human services leader for an organization, you will often be called upon to make presentations to stakeholders, such as a board of directors, to secure funding or support, or propose partnerships. In any of those situations, you will want to be fully prepared with a well-researched statement of the problem, an analysis of the community affected, and identification of the key partners that can be engaged in finding a solution. Think about what you would be looking for as an audience member for this kind of presentation and what would make the message engaging and sticky.


In the u01d1 discussion, you selected your topic for your course project: an event or situation requiring social justice intervention that demands collaborative relationships among business, government, religious, and nonprofit organizations in a community. This can be a real past event, current situation, or a hypothetical case (such as a natural disaster, a community crisis situation, or a significant need identified for a community). 

For this assignment, create an engaging and professional 4–7 minute oral presentation, using PowerPoint (or similar software) and Kaltura (or similar software) for audio, that addresses the following:

  • Present your chosen event (or situation, condition, problem, need, opportunity, or risk).
    • Define at least five key terms that describe the scope and essence of the problem.
  • Explain the target population and its human service needs.
    • Describe the diversity and cultural considerations that will be important for serving this population.
    • Develop strategies for authentic engagement with this population.
  • Assess the community capacity and assets, including patterns of influence, control, and relevant historical and contextual information.
  • Present a macro environment for the problem by identifying at least three agencies or organizations involved in the social justice intervention.
    • Explain the role of each organization and describe patterns of influence, control, and service delivery.
  • Identify collaboration, negotiation, and mediation needs in the macro environment.
  • Identify potential plans for positive community impact through the collaboration of business, government, religious, and nonprofit sectors.


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