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CTUO Strategic Planning the Theory of Change Foundation Response Discussion

Response Guidelines

Respond to at least one other learner concerning his or her theoretical framework.

Your response must be substantive and contribute to the discussion. Compare your analysis to that of your peer and comment on the similarities and differences that you see. If there are aspects that you do not agree with, present an argument to support your position. If you need more information from your peer, be sure to ask questions for clarity.

Student post down below:

According to Yarger (2006), Strategy gives a cognizant plan to overcome any barrier between the fundamental factors of today and an ideal future. It is the focused estimation of overall targets, ideas, and resources within acceptable bounds of risk to make more positive future outcomes than might somehow exist if left to chance or the hands of others. SCO Family of Services focuses a lot on education, family lives, and the clients’ wellbeing while focusing on its mission and vision. Among its different services, the organization provides many educational programs from early childhood to high school and gives children the opportunity to acquire an education that allows them some independence in life and a brighter future. Because of that Theory of change (TOC) looks to most appropriate one. The desired outcomes and the guiding framework are set to revamp and upgrade the provided services and be at the forefront of dealing with future challenges in our society. According to Anderson (2004), the TOC approach first distinguishes the necessary and adequate preconditions for arriving at a long-term goal. Solely after these conditions have been recognized and spread out in a change pathway, can suitable activities be developed to achieve them. In SCO’s case, with the SWOT/PEST analysis, the organization can see what is working and what is not working internally and externally and bring the necessary changes by using the best standard and up-to-date technology to better the programs. The author continues, “For each outcome, one or more measurable indicators are defined, with a focus on specifying the signals of how the initiative will be declared a success.” (p. 16)


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