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CU in NY Social Science Mooncake Recipe Presentation

Cultural Awareness Recipe Assignment

Nutrition 153

Assignment Guidelines

This assignment for this course is designed to help you incorporate all the knowledge and insight you have gained about various cultural, religious, and ethnic influences on food. Your assignment is to choose and prepare a UNIQUE recipe from an ethnic group. I encourage you to ask a family member or friend with insight into the ethnic group your recipe is from for guidance regarding recipe history, significance and/or preparation.

The recipe you should write is Chinese traditional food- Mooncake

Documentation of Your Recipe Process (Total 75 points)

Submit a PowerPoint presentation documenting the recipe process (from start to finish; minimum 15 slides to maximum 20 slides) if Powerpoint or 5-7 minute video if using this format), including the following:

1. Name of recipe. (1 pt)

2. Where you found the recipe. (1 pt)

3. Why you chose this recipe. (1 pt)

4. Description of the prepared dish. (2 pts)

5. Comprehensive background on the ethnic group the recipe is from. Make sure to use references and cite your work. (20 pts)

6. Standardized Recipe to include: a) ingredients & preparation in recipe format, and b) where you purchased/obtained the ingredients.

(15 pts)

7. Description of the process of preparing the dish; include a minimum of 3 pictures of preparation process. (15 pts)

8. Feedback from those who sampled your dish (even if just yourself); utilize a taste test survey found online. Cite your source. (10 pts)9. Professionalism, grammar & completeness (10 pts)

Upload the assignment directly to Canvas “Cultural Awareness Recipe Assignment” here.

A few reminders:

1. You must make the recipe yourself and reference appropriately.

2. You can utilize blog posts, recipe books, websites, etc. to find a recipe.

3. You must choose a unique dish that is challenging to some degree (i.e. hummus, dips, spreads will not count!)

* All assignment files must be submitted in .ppt, .pptx, google slide or pdf format or submit a url link to your video.

Use a basic, clear font, 12pt, 1-inch margins.

Use correct grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Cite all sources using APA or MLA guidelines.


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