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CU Martha Nussbaum The Speech of Alcibiades Worksheet

Create a 10 multiple-choice questions (with at least five answer options) based on Martha Nussbaum’s article “The Speech of Alcibiades.” (Links to an external site.) (Link will open in new tab.)

Make sure that you highlight and bold the line(s) with the correct answer(s) to this question.

Make sure also to include a footnote with reference to the page numbers where the relevant information is to be found.

Since there are a number of voices in this dialogue (Nussbaum, Socrates, Diotima, Aristophanes, Alcibiades, etc.), make sure that your question starts with something like “According to…,” so that your audience is perfectly aware of the point of view presupposed in your question.

Here is a list of requirements and guidelines to make sure you earn the highest grade possible:

  • For all questions, be explicit about whose point of view is being presupposed (Nussbaum, Socrates, Alcibiades, Diotima, Aristophanes, etc.). An easy way to do here would be to start every question with something like “According to (relevant name),…”
  • Each of these questions should contain at least five answer options (though feel free to come up with more if you wish), and these should work independently of the rest (so avoid options such as ‘all of the above,’ ‘none of the above,’ ‘a and c,’ etc.).
  • Since these are multiple-choice questions, make sure to come up with questions that have objective answers(see the instructions on our ClassMarker tests (Link will open in this tab.) for further details on what this means).
  • It is perfectly fine for your questions to have more than one correct answer.
  • In any case, indicate which answer options are correct (maybe by making each look something like this).
  • Include a quick footnote at the end of each question indicating the page numbers (whether from the pdf or from the chapter in the Solomon book) where the relevant information is to be found.
  • Obviously, the more thoughtful, interesting and thought-provoking your questions (while still remaining true to the reading), the better your grade.
  • Simple fill-in-the-blank, finish-the-quote, who-said-what kinds of questions will receive minimal scores. We need to aim for more than this.
  • If you want a sense of the kind of intellectual sophistication I’m looking for, consider the questions you’ve already seen in our section tests. Notice, for instance, that, with a few exceptions, these tend to be conceptual, requiring you to apply higher-cognitive faculties: synthesis, analysis, evaluation, application, comprehension, contrast, distinction, etc., and, again, all while remaining true to the original reading.


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