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CUNY BMCC Data in Science Snakecase

First, look at existing R Cheat Sheets. I will give you a homework question asking you to identify what you do and do not find useful about the examples here shortly.

Second, read up on how to create an R Cheat Sheet. Download the template and read it over CAREFULLY.

  1. Third, select a package. See the section below on possible packages and/or where to find other packages. Once you have selected a package, sign up here so only one person gets one package!

Play with the package. A lot. I will have an upcoming homework question about this, asking what are the most interesting things that the package does, what are the most useful things that it does, what elements of it you think most people would use the most frequently, and how would you organize this information.

  1. Make a sketch of your cheatsheet. Be as detailed as you can. This will also be a future homework question!

Finally, make the cheat sheet. Read the template carefully, as there many wonderful

  1. I’d like you to create a cheat sheet for the package of your choice. It can be a simple package, or a complex package, or anything in between. Below, I’ll detail the steps of the process, as well as provide a list of some packages that might be enjoyable to use for this assignment – although the choice is ultimately up to you!

to do this assignment you need to be familiar with Rstudio

  1. i will provide you the package once confirmed
  2. Simple Extra Credit
  3. Put your cheatsheet up on Github!If you’re interested, see Happy with Git for more and/or talk to me.

Things NOT to do

Do not write a long word document explaining the package

Do not make a bunch of slides rather than use the template for a cheat sheet

Finding a Package

While we provide a few packages below, you’re also more than welcome to search for ones you might find interesting. There are a number of places to look. Your package can be from CRAN. It might be from a CRAN Task View. You might find it on It could be a package featured as a Top 40 new package at Rviews. Or take a look at the New and Updated packages section of rweekly (note – I read this daily!). Many data oriented packages can be found at ROpenGov or for health data, rOpenHealth. I’m also a big fan of ROpenSci for many ecologically focused packages. Also, on our data sets page there are a variety of R packages that provide access to data. Those are great targets as well!

Some package suggestions

By all means, don’t chose something from the list below if you don’t want to! But there are some packages which might be good to think about if your imagination is flagging. I’ll also provide a bit of an example of what they can do.


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