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Cuyahoga Community College The White Mans Burden Book Reflection Paper


To discuss a nonfiction book using a global health lens.


Depending on the Book you chose to read, please answer the following questions. You only have to answer the questions for the book you are reading!!

Please write the name of the book you read at the top of the assignment (remember, you didn’t have to read the entire book, please see the page before this assignment for readings specifics)

The Idealist Discussion

The Millennium Village Project had multiple challenges, as discussed by Nina Munk in The Idealist. Based on your reading and what you have learned in this course, please respond to the following questions.  You do not need any references besides The Idealist.:

  • Identify TWO specific challenges or pitfalls discussed in the book and how you would address each one. Consider how Sachs’ egotism and inability to listen to the people of the villages and experts in the field contributed to these challenges.
  • Based on what you have read in The Idealist, provide 2 recommendations for how public health practitioners and expert can incorporate community voice and choice when designing interventions. Discuss why listening to the community is important and include at least one example from the book.

Dead Aid Discussion

  • Despite trillions in aid given to African countries, the average per capita income in Africa is lower today than it was in the 1970s (pre influx of aid). Discuss two examples from the book that demonstrate why aid is not working.
  • Discuss two reasons we continue to use aid despite evidence that aid is not effective. Then, provide 2 recommendations (besides aid) for how to reduce poverty within Africa.

The White Man’s Burden Discussion

  • Discuss the difference between a “Planner” and “Searcher” and provide a current, real-world example of each.
  • Easterly argues that there is no such thing as a “vicious cycle of poverty.” Provide one example discussed in the book to explain Easterly’s reasoning. Then, explain in at least 3 sentences whether you believe a cycle of poverty exists based on what is discussed in the book and what you have learned in this course.


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