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Cuyamaca College Childhood Diseases Essay

Most younger people have not experienced what have been called in the past common childhood diseases, due to immunizations that have mostly eradicated them.

If you are a more “mature” person you probably had measles, German Measles also known as Rubella, mumps, and chicken pox.

Due to the rise of what are currently called “antivaxers”, people who do not want to vaccinate their children, many of this common childhood diseases have started to make a come-back.

Often young children experience many colds-as many as 5-8 per year is not uncommon. Some children are susceptible to ear infections, fevers or rashes.

This week your reading will help you identify the signs of some of these common minor illnesses and how to manage them. As a teacher we want to be able to notice the signs that a child is not feeling well. We want children to be at home to recover and we want to try to limit the spread of  illness to other children and staff members.

  1. Do you remember having any of the common childhood diseases? If so, which ones? If not, have any family members talked about having these diseases? Do you or have your own children experienced repeated colds or ear infections? If so, what are the first signs you notice?
  2. Did you have any side effects from the illnesses you had? Or, did any family members share any issues or side effects after a common childhood diseases? 
  3. California requires vaccinations if attending school, but this is not the case in all other  US states. What would you do if you were teaching at a school where vaccinations were not required at a school where you worked?
  4. What are the signs of an ear infection, according to this week’s reading assignment?
  5. What do you ( or would you) do at home if your child has a cold or flu, or an ear infection? Are you familiar with any traditional remedies for colds or flu that you experienced as a child? Did your family prepare a special meal that you had when you were sick? What was it? Do you prepare this for your family now?


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