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Cuyamaca College Danger of a Single Story Video Discussion


Step 1: Watch! 

This week, I ask that you watch the TED talk below. It’s not necessarily on free vs hate speech, but it does speak to a larger truth, I think. I don’t want to give too much away, but I do hope you enjoy it. 

Step 2: Post Your Response to the Discussion Board by Wednesday

Please respond to all three questions in 250-300 words (together, not each). 

  1. Write down one definition of Adichie’s concept of a “single story.” What is a single story of someone?
  2. Describe one time when you had a single story of another person? What happened? How did it affect your relationship with that person? OR Describe on time someone else had a single story of you? How did you know? How do you think their treatment of you was affected by this single story?
  3. How do you think the idea of a single story connects to the possible causes of hate speech? How does viewing people as “others” contribute to hate speech? 

Step 3: Read and Respond to Your Peers by Sunday

Once you have written your responses, you are to respond to two of your peers’ posts in at least 100 words each. Reply to two posts that have yet to be responded to by a classmate. If everyone’s post has been responded to, evaluate the ones with the least amount of replies. For example, if every student has at least one reply, then respond to the students who only have one or two replies instead of those who have 5 or 6 already.

Use your personal experience, if it’s relevant, to support or debate other students’ posts. If differences of opinion occur, debate the issues professionally and provide examples to support opinions.

To reply to a peer, click “Reply” under their post, type your reply in the text box and click “Post Reply.” 


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