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Cuyamaca College Describe an Image that Primarily Demonstrates Beauty Discussion

Part A: See and describe the photograph above.

But not the way you usually look at a picture. Really look at the picture. Of course it’s nice looking, but exactly what about it is nice?  You see great masses, moments in movement, and illusory colors from reflection and refraction (What’s the difference? Look them up). You see a prismatic effect (like the first picture in this course), but what a difference in prisms! You see geometric, organic, and amorphous shapes. Solidity, transparency, translucency. There’s so much to unpack here, so don’t talk about beauty. We already see that; you must create the beauty, not just declare it.

Be there in your imagination, as if you were telling somebody over a phone call about this picture, which you want them to paint. You need to paint the picture with words, so don’t just drop words like “blue” or “horizon” or “clouds” without describing them as if your friend had never, ever, seen them in this particular context, because, of course, they haven’t.

Part B: Draw a rectangle the shape of the picture. Then add lines to make a very simple line drawing showing these six areas:

What are the major elements of this scene? Label them on your sketch:

  1. one line to represent the far shore of the foreground lake area
  2. another line along the top of the green hill leading down to the lake
  3. another line along the top of the brown hill leading down to the lake
  4. a jagged line for the mountain ridge
  5. label the sky
  6. a simple arc for the rainbow
  7. Take a photo of your sketch to include with Part C.

Make your photo of your drawing as good as your ideas. (Does taking a picture with the shadow of the camera and other stuff around the drawing it matter? Sure it does!  “Careless” is not a good first impression. Do it nice or do it twice.

Part C: Describe the color palette (variation of colors) and textures for each of the six areas, both subjectively and also objectively. Don’t color them in on your drawing. Describe them in text. Your words should make a picture so clear that somebody who hasn’t seen the picture could correctly imagine the photograph. Organize your text according to list of six areas and two criteria for description using a table and/or typography so it is compelling to read and easy to understand. These could be the instructions to make a painting that matches the photograph and that moment in that place.

Students often ask, how many words, or how many pages, or some other quantifiable requirement for grading. Please review the Announcements and re-read the Syllabus.  You’ll see that quality isn’t just about quantity of fancy words, it’s about studying the subject so you have a good idea of your very own,. Then work hard to confirm and explain your idea so others get it, Finally, put care and craftsmanship into doing a good job producing the requested “deliverable,” in this case, text and a sketch. 


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