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Cuyamaca College Family and Intercultural Communication Discussion

Last week you were introduced to research options you have at Cuyamaca College library. Researching your potential topic can help to narrow down the topic and help you to identify current research in that field of study. When you are ready and prepared for group presentation, you need cite sources from additional research that you conducted for this assignment. The following page will give you an overview how to cite sources in works cited page as well as oral citations required during the speech.

Introspection-Response 3

The Introspection-Response 3 for this week will cover language rules that we covered in textbook for this week.

Extra Credit

For this week, there is the opportunity for extra credit that is focused on the group presentation topic. You have been introduced to group members by now and are gradually thinking and deciding upon the presentation topic. For this assignment, you will us the Cuyamaca College library and conduct brief research for potential topic. More details will be provided in the upcoming group discussion assignment page.


Before you start the discussion, please review the topic list for group presentations or choose topic that you have identified. This week’s extra credit assignment has the purpose to explore possible topic for the group presentation assignment.

Contribute your initial post to our discussion by Thursday, 11:59 p.m. In your post please include the following, which will be worth 5 points and needs to be 160-180 words minimum:

Using the online databases of the Cuyamaca College library, locate one (1) eBooks, magazine or journal articles on the topic for the group presentation.
Important: Check that no other group member has already used the same resource. Whoever posts first reserves that source. Each group member has to pick a different resource for this assignment.

Briefly explain why will this article be useful for the group presentation and why you are interested in topic. 


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