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Cuyamaca College Fruits and Vegetables Optimal Athletic Performance Discussion

 5: Was Popeye onto Something? IntroductionIn the early 20th century there was a popular cartoon called “Popeye”. Popeye is an iconic character that would get his strength to take on Bluto, his enemy, by eating a whole can of spinach. Was Popeye onto something? Are fruits and vegetables able to improve our physical performance?  Your TasksTask 1- PodcastFirst, you will need to listen to the below podcast by Dr. Greger. Task 2- ResearchAfter listening to the podcast, I would like you to conduct some research on your own regarding any of the topics covered within the podcast. Task 3- Original PostPlease address the following in your original post:What were some points that stood out to you in the podcast? (4 points)Based on your research, were the points made in the podcast supported or refuted by existing scientific evidence? Explain. (6 points)What was your previous understanding regarding the role of micronutrients on sport performance? Did the podcast or research change your opinions about fruits and vegetables and physical performance? Explain. (6 points)Task 4- Peer Response Respond to at least 2 classmate’s posts. Were you interested in the same points of the podcast or something different? Did you find similar research to the classmate, or do your findings contradict one another?  (10 points)Other Graded FactorsYour grade will also be based on the following:Original post must be at least 250 words. This does not include the citation list at the end of the post. (2 points)APA in-text citations and resource list. (2 points)Grading and SubmissionYour initial post and 2 peer response posts are due on Sunday, November 21st  by 11:59 PM. Please write your post in the text box (in other words, do not post an outside document). This assignment is worth a total of 30 points, and will be graded based on the overall quality of work. The point system is outlined above and you will be graded based on the attached discussion rubric. 


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