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Cuyamaca College Glacial Viability and Colonization in North America Questions

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1. Last week we learned about the importance of historical thinking and analyzing texts and history based on context. Practice analyzing the context of the Bering Strait Theory (BST) articles from last week. Who was the author? When/where were the articles published? Who is the intended audience? Why should the author’s credentials, time and place of publication, and intended audience be considered?

2. According to the author, what are the controversies surrounding the Bering Strait Theory? In contrast, what are the current scientific perspectives on the Bering Strait theory, according to last week’s PowerPoint lecture? Why are both theories important to consider, and why do you think we began our course by investigating this topic?

3. Based on this week’s Module 3 materials, why might it be important to briefly learn about the peoples’ history of the Valley of Mexico, Central America, and South America before discussing the first peoples of the modern-day United States based on the textbook chapter? In other words, how might the history of the Olmec, Maya, Aztec, and Inca encourage us to think differently about how American history is taught?

4. What is Dunbar-Ortiz’s overall argument in the chapter, “Follow the Corn”? In other words, what seems to be the main idea or most important take-away? Please include direct quotes from the chapter to support your response.

5. How might this week’s Module 3 materials connect to at least one of our key terms from last week’s Module 2?

6. What was overall argument of Winona LaDuke’s TED Talk? What connections did you see to our “Follow the Corn” chapter, and why might it be significant in our understanding of this week’s material? 

7. Lastly, please share your own thoughts/reactions/reflections on this week’s materials. Please see the link below for the TED talk and see the attached below for the lecture note


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