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Cuyamaca College Running and Alzheimer Distribution Map


HERE ARE SOME EXAMPLES of problem outlines

For an environmental factor example,  you  could pick smog (environment) and asthma rates of admission.

Problem: asthma

Determinant: smog 

Distribution Map: map out air quality with asthma hospital admissions in different counties

For a community factor,  I recall studying mapping the lack of grocery stores in poor neighborhoods contributing to health outcomes due to lack of access to vegetables.

Problem: obesity in lower socioeconomic groups

Determinant: lack of fresh fruit/veggies

Distribution Map: map out grocery vs convenience stores in areas with high and low home values to see if lack of access to fresh produce may contribute to obesity

You can even pick a positive determinant that improves a problem.

Problem suicide rate

Determinant community support

Distribution Map: map out the  number of worship houses in an area and compare it to the suicide rate reported in  areas with less.

Don’t think too hard! Use those reasons you are taking a class in public health and pick something that interests you!

Or something you love

Problem alzheimers

Determinant Exercise

Distribution Compare runner’s alzheimer rate to non

EVERY post should have:

1. This statement outline:


determinant: only ONE!!!! do not list several-it confounds the problem (look that up if you dont know it!)

distribution: The map must compare two factors, your determinant and then not. (Crime where people have bad internet and crime where they don’t)

2. A few sentences each describing problem, justifying the determinant and clarifying the distribution.

3. Reference (s)

4. Peer response


The authors of the paper above may have mapped out their project for this assignment as:

problem: heat exposure/heat stroke

determinant: poverty

distribution: map socio-economic status and heat

Heat causes a multitude of public health issues. Heat stroke is an obvious and dangerous one, but there is also increased risk of community problems such as over-burdened hospitals, increased demand on utilities and even increased food borne illnesses (1).

Poverty may present a determinant that increases risk for heat related health problems.  People living in poverty may present with risks of urban living such as high rise apartments in urban areas, lack of community infrastructure and less access to health making them even more vulnerable to the risks of heat exposure.

A way to see if there is a relationship between poverty and heat related risks would be to map out urban heat zones and socioeconomic status from public records.



? Map Examples Chart Download Map Examples Chart…


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