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Cuyamaca College Why Are US Exports so Competitive Case Study

Case study: Why Are US Exports so Competitive? (p. 67-68)

This case study will be in APA format you will use the book Global 4,4th edition by Peng, mike the essay portion is 3 pages the title page and reference page separate the entire case study will consist of 5 pages.

  1. Why are US Exports So Competitive?
  2. Key Concepts
    This case can be used to help you understand why U.S. exports are so competitive, what is unique about U.S. exports, and what has been driving their recent rise in a bleak global economic environment. This case provides substantial evidence for the competitiveness of U.S. exports. In 2013, the United States exported a record $1.58 trillion, with an enviable 8.4% annual increase. The United States contributed approximately 89% of the value-added of its exports.
    U.S. exports have to deliver value, they have to be rare and hard to imitate, and have to organize themselves in a more productive and efficient manner relative to their global rivals to sustain their competitiveness. While the products themselves have to be strong and competitive, Uncle Sam has also helped. At least ten federal agencies offer export assistance, including the departments of Commerce, State, Treasury, Energy, and Agriculture. Going beyond routine export assistance, new initiatives focus on negotiating free trade agreements (FTAs) with trading partners. In addition to FTAs, the U.S. government often negotiates with other foreign governments for better market access and terms of trade for U.S. exporters. Informal norms and values, both at home and abroad, play a role in U.S. exports.

  3. Discussion Questions
    1. On Ethics: Prior to taking this class and studying this case, have you often heard or read about the decline of US export competitiveness? What are the social and ethical implications of such excessive (one-sided) negative reporting? Does this case change your mind? Why?
    1. From a resource-based view, explain why US exports are so competitive?
    1. From an institution-based view, explain why US exports are so competitive?


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