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Cuymaca College Improving Employee Skills and Knowledge Presentation

It is nearing the end of the first quarter and you want to hold an All Hands Meeting at the end of this week to give your employees a quick, transparent rundown of the last three months. To lead and to inspire.

Step 1: Review Chs. 14 and 15. Review the following article, 5 Often-Quoted Tips for Powerful Presentations (Links to an external site.) by John Treace (June, 2014).

Step 2: Identify two topics for presenting; a success and a failure your company has had over the last three months. Feel free to use a topic from this course or use something from your own personal or professional life. The goal here is not the topic itself, but how you present the information on both the positive and the negative topics.

Step 3: Decide your presentation vehicle; meaning, select either PowerPoint, Prezi, Google Slides, or another presentation technology you think will be effective.

Step 4: Create your presentation.

In your presentation include the following:

  1. A summarized wrap up of the first quarter. Provide one big win for the company, something positive that happened. Provide one loss or a failure for the company. This can be something from a past assignment, or something from your own personal or professional life. And, an ending that will inspire the team for the next quarter (Example – upcoming projects, new clients, personnel updates, or promotions, etc.)
  2. Story Line approach; PREP Method
  3. Minimum of 8 informative slides (text, graphics, color, etc.). Ensure that it conveys your key messages effectively.
  4. Minimum of 250-word document of Speaker Notes. In a presentation setting, this would be your speech. Write it out as if you were going to use that to speak to your employees. The slides should help to support your speech and highlight the key areas.
  5. Be sure to proofread, using punctuation and proper grammar on both the presentation and Speaker Notes; however, your notes should be written as a speech incorporating the story line and prep methods (and aspects from Chs. 14 and 15), not as an academic paper.

Step 5: Submit your completed presentation and Speak Notes document by the end of the week.


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