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CWU How AI is Changing Marketing Essay

I’m working on a marketing discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Initial Post: Read the Ad Age Article on how AI is transforming Marketing (file attached below)
If you want to deep dive into this topic, there are additional optional resources available:

  • Watch the Customer Experience Analytics Demo from IBM Watson, IBM’s AI platform (You do need to sign up to watch demo)-Highly recommended (Links to an external site.)

  • Read McKinsey study on the impact of AI on marketing and supply chain:

Discuss one point from the AdAge article that you found most interesting and explain why you found it most interesting.
Then, provide an use case scenario of a real company that is using AI into their marketing strategies. Explain how AI is being used by the company, what type of data is AI helping to crunch and how is that helping the company to come up with better (more optimal) marketing strategies. Be specific. Cite your sources.
You can easily search for AI and marketing on Google search and look at articles from well established publications: some examples include, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Wired, Techcrunch, NYTimes, AdAge, McKinsey, Harvard Business Review etc.

Please respond to the following post of a classmate:
Something I found the most interesting from this article is when Brian Solis, author and principal analyst at Altimeter, states that AI is what ultimately helped them better understand being human and connect with customers. It is so ironic that something that is robotic can understand a target market, made entirely up of humans, to the fullest extent compared to another human.

A business that uses AI on a daily basis is Amazon. They are one of the most online businesses in the world. One of Amazon’s AI main purpose is to suggest products to customers that they would most likely buy. I see this first hand when I log onto the Amazon app. The first thing I see are personalized suggestions of products that Amazon things
I would be interested according to past views and searched within the app. This is an optimal way to use AI, and it drives a ton on Amazon’s business. According to the article “How Amazon Is Using AI To Better Understand Customer Search Queries” on Analytics India Magazine, “Amazon’s recommendation engine is driving 35% of its total sales.” It would be almost impossible for a single human to process everything a customer searches, views, and buys off the app, let alone process every single one of the 150 million users. Using an AI to calculate this big data is strategically beneficial for Amazon.

Amazon also uses its AI to better understand what the customer is going to search and why, and therefore recommend complimentary items. Their AI system has been focused on predicted search queries. Therefore, increases the quality of the results from the search and the customer is more likely to find what they wanted in the first place. This will give the customer a better user experience and hopefully lead to a conversion. “


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