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CYB 260 SNHU Privacy Perspectives in An Organization Memorandum

For this project, you will take a stakeholder role in a business on the forefront of a privacy issue. You will need to articulate a point of view that reflects your professional stance on privacy, the laws relevant to the issue, and the business implications of your recommendation.

In this assignment, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course competency:

ï‚· Articulate an informed position on contemporary issues of privacy and its relation to organizational mission


Fit-vantage Technologies is a quickly growing competitor in the personal fitness-tracking industry. As the
company gets closer to launching its newest device, the Flame watch, the Fit-vantage executives have
been approached by Helios Health Insurance Inc. to form a partnership. This partnership proposes a
program allowing Helios subscribers to purchase a Fit-vantage Flame at a discount in exchange for
access to the anonymous data collected from participating customers.

for this project. You will situate yourself as an executive-level security consultant with the primary responsibility of advising senior management in cybersecurity matters. As a member of the internal stakeholder board for the proposal presented in the scenario, you will be able to offer essential input. Based on the information and resources from the scenario and your work from the milestone, prepare a memorandum to the internal stakeholder board specifying your position on the acceptability of the proposal in the scenario.


You must address the critical elements listed below.

In a memo to the internal stakeholder board, defend your position on the proposed partnership. Your memo should address the balancing of privacy from the security practitioner’s perspective alongside the corporate mission and business goals.

In your memo, be sure to address the following questions:

I. Are the privacy laws sufficient to ensure that the sharing and use of data will meet the fair information practice principles of the organization?

II. What are the minimum privacy safeguards you would recommend be in place for the individuals’ control over their data?

III. In your opinion, is the proposal a good decision for the organization? Weigh the privacy considerations from a security practitioner’s perspective as well as the corporate mission and business goals in justifying your position. [


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