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Cypress College What are your Habits of Mind Discussion

I am excited to continue getting to know each and every one of you, but, in order for me to do so, I ask you to engage in this informal discussion, reflecting on your “habits of mind” that you learned about in our first course reading.

I would like to take this opportunity and offer our online platform for reflections on your own “habits of mind” that you want to develop in the process of taking and successfully completing this course.

For this particular discussion post, read the handout that I posted “Habits of Mind” and watch the TED Talk
in this week’s module by Angela Lee Duckworth titled Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance.

please answer the following question:

How would building and mastering these “habits of mind” and grit benefit you in this course and your other courses?

Length: at least one fully developed paragraph (supported with specific details and examples). Use “Quotation Sandwich” Handout to help you integrate direct quotations with signal phrases and parenthetical citations. 

Don’t forget to respond to at least two of your classmates’ discussion posts and have fun with this graded assignment!

Habits of Mind:

TED Talk:…

Student 1 

Student 1) Mastering “habits of mind” and grit would benefit me in this writing course by being able to give more emotional and raw detail. Another reason is to keep stamina in my writings. If I can have a better work ethic and stronger sense of detail in my writings I believe I can meet all my writing goals. In the TED talk “Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance” by Angela Lee says “Talent doesn’t make you gritty our data shows that their are many talented individuals who simply do not follow through on their commitments.” (Lee, 4:09) This shows no matter how much talent you have you can still lack on your writings due to not going through and being confident in your writings. I think having a sense of imagination and “Remaining Open to Continuous Learning” in “habits of mind” number 11 and 16 should be focused on most in my writings.

Student 2) Mastering and building these “habit of mind” and grits will benefit in this and future courses by being strategic and insightful. Especially when it comes to my writing in this course. As long as I keep practicing with my writing and expanding my vocabulary will my writing progress. “Talent doesn’t make you gritty,” says Angela Lee in her TED talk, Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance, “our data shows that their are many talented individuals who simply do not follow through on their commitments.” (Lee, 4:09) Just because you’re a gifted writer doesn’t mean you won’t have some flaws in your work. It does not imply that you are an expert on everything. In terms of “mind habits,” I believe I have cognitive flexibility and a willingness to learn new things on a regular basis. Especially if I can approve in a field where I’m not strong. Which is would be number 4 and 16 on the habits of mind list.


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