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DAC Development of A Segregated & Highly Discriminative Environment Discussion

Documentary-A Class Divided

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Watch A Class Divided- all five segments, an hour total (4 Points)

(Jane Elliot’s Brown Eyes Blue Eyes Experiment)

This film revisits Jane Elliott, who had presented her third grade students with a lesson on prejudice and discrimination after Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered in 1968. Years later, she brought in those same students to recall the experience.

After watching the video, answer all of the following questions. 

  1. What did you notice about the effects of exclusion, alienation, and discrimination on children’s academic achievement? To earn points, please use specific examples from the film clip.
  2. What can we learn from this experiment when working with children?
  3. What did this experiment show about race as a social construct?
  4. You have an option to respond to a classmateThe second one
  5. 2 Media Information (Each 2 points)
    Please read the guidelines below before selecting your media information. 

    • Please post one media information that is related to the ongoing course material.This can be a short YouTube film clip or a short article that you found informative to share.
    • Your post should be compatible with the goals and objectives of anti-bias education.Therefore, it is important that you evaluate your source. There are many resources that are published in the name of “diversity curriculum,” but focus on “tourist approach” and perpetuate stereotypes. You are always welcome to e-mail me your source before posting. 
    • The post cannot be a commercial or related to the political parties in the United States.
    • The post cannot be one of the film clips that was used in this course.
    • Please review all the posts of our class community before submitting. You will not receive points if you post something that someone else had previously posted. I check the dates that the post was submitted.
    1. In your post, tell us why you chose the media information, and how you can use it in working with children or in everyday life.


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