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Dallas Community College District Eugene Jareckis Film Why We Fight Discussion Essay

“COMPREHENSION DOES NOT MEAN DENYING THE OUTRAGEOUS, DEDUCING THE  UNPRECEDENTED FROM PRECEDENCE, OR EXPLAINING PHENOMENA BY SUCH ANALOGIES AND  GENERALITIES THAT THE IMPACT OF REALITY AND THE SHOCK OF EXPERIENCE ARE NO  LONGER FELT. IT MEANS, RATHER, EXAMINING AND BEARING CONSCIOUSLY THE BURDEN  WHICH OUR CENTURY HAS PLACED ON US – NEITHER DENYING ITS EXISTENCE NOR  SUBMITTING MEEKLY TO ITS WEIGHT.” ~ HANNAH ARENDT Who, exactly, were the Progressives? One historian writes that they “offered an  impressive array of reform proposals.” Why did they do so? What was our country like  during the Gilded Age? What, exactly, were these proposals and what benefit did they  bring to “life in these United States?” To what extent was the nation altered by their  proposals? Please explain why the U.S. did (or did not) become a “kinder, gentler  nation” as a result of the Progressive movement. Finally, how do some historians assess  the Progressives? What examples from the Progressive Era and from today can you  provide to support or refute their arguments?


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