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DAV University Anita Defrantz Legacy African American Woman Essay

Coverage of the main questions (Who? Why is his story/history noteworthy re: the themes of our course? What is his legacy (for a deceased subject) or relevance today? And, did you find one surprising fact or aspect of his life or career?

The word is limited in 600 words.

The topic is yours to decide.

Husch-Blackwell Report on LSU football

Dikembe Mutombo (Georgetown Univ., mother, hospital in Kinshasa, multilingualism)

Michael Graham, (Georgetown Hoyas basketball team, 1983-85)

Bison Dele (formerly Brian Williams, his non-NBA actions)

Nipsey Hustle’s South Central Los Angeles book club

Althea Gibson

Wyomia Tyus (’68 Summer Olympics)

Arthur Ashe

Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf (nee Chris Jackson)

Jack Tatum (Oakland Raiders, “The Assassin”)

Jim Brown (after his NFL career w/ Cleveland Browns)

Ben Wilson

Malcolm Mitchell (UGa., 4,45 40-yard, children’s book author)

Jeff Randle-El (posthumous contributions to ACL transplant tech.: Los Angeles Times)

Chuba Hubbard (Oklahoma State, June ’20 & Coach Gundy)

Grant Hill (Duke Univ. ’92, history major)

Calvin Hill (Yale ’69)

Rafer Johnson (relationship with Robert Kennedy, summer ’68)

Abebe Bikila (Ethiopian barefoot marathoner)

Mario Balotelli (Italian striker)

Steve McNair

Ray Rice

Leonard Little (Univ. of Tennessee, St. Louis Rams)

Ron Settles (Cal State Long Beach, ca. 1978)

Greg Anthony (UNLV, College Republicans)

Jack Johnson (First Black heavyweight boxing champion: Unforgiveable Blackness, dir. K. Burns)

Omega Psi Phi (Branding, “Q-Dawgs” & NFL connection)

Allen Iverson

Jerome Simpson (Front F.=endzone!)

Maurice Clarett (Ohio State)

Len Bias (Univ. of Maryland, Boston Celtics draftee)

Shawn Kemp (Sports Illustrated story re: his children)

Adonal Foyle (Colgate Univ.)

Ben Johnson (Canadian sprinter)

John Amaechi (Man in the Middle, 2007)

Michael Sam (Univ. of Missouri)

Juju Schuster-Smith (Pitts. Steelers, social media)

Master P (NBA summer league)

Mike Tyson (Cus D’Amato relationship)

Univ. of Tennessee (electronic monitoring of student-athletes, Sports Illustrated, ca. 2017)

Keyon Dooling (former NBA player, book about seeking psychological therapy)

Aaron Jones (UTEP, Green Bay Packers & sombreros)

Satchel Paige

Buck O’Neal

Kain Colter (Northwestern football players’ union attempt)

God Shamgod (Yep, that’s his name. Providence College pt. guard)

Darryl Dawkins (Dr. Dunkenstein, shattered backboards)

Black September Organization (Munich ’72)

The Wyoming 14

Craig Hodges (Letter to Pres. GW Bush)

Dutee Chand (Indian sprinter)

Jim Jones, Jr. (Guyana ’79)

Long Beach Poly High School

Dorsey High School (Watts, Los Angeles)

Coach Eddie Robinson (Grambling State Univ.)

NBA dress code (ca. 1995)

Walter Payton (Chicago Bears)

Julius Erving (Dr. J)

Magic Johnson (HIV diagnosis ’91 or ’92)

Anita DeFrantz (First Black female Olympic rower)

Sugar Ray Robinson

Kylian Mbappe

Dennis Rodman (Kim Jung Un & wedding gown)

Patrcik Dennehy (Baylor University & Coach Dave Bliss)

Junior Seau and Dave Duerson (suicides by chest wounds, to preserve brains for posthumous CTE study)

Marshawn Lynch (“Beast Mode”)

Stephon Marbury (former NBA player, superstar in China Basketball Assoc.)

Hank Gathers (LMU, on-court collapse)

Stuart Scott (former ESPN analyst: “Boo’yao!”)

Stephen A. Smith (ESPN’s First Take)

Gabrielle Douglas (Olympic gold medalist gymnast, criticized for her hair!)

Paul Robeson (Rhodes Scholar, football player, Russian fluency)

Simone Biles

Latrell Sprewell (Warriors, 1997)

USF Football, team, ca. 1958 (declining Orange Bowl invitation)

Spud Webb (5’6, 135 lbs., NBA dunk champ, 1986)

Nike’s Summer ABCD camp


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