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Daystar University Museum or National Park Visit Proposal


Statement of Purpose or “Why Am I Doing This?”

One of the goals of the assignment is to encourage students to promptly determine a site to visit and seek instructor approval for the location.


By the close of Module/Week 4, the student will submit a brief proposal requesting instructor permission to either physically visit a suitable location or a website pertaining to the upcoming Mod. 7 Museum or National Park Assignment. For the sake of planning ahead and before posting a site proposal, students are strongly encouraged to enter the Mod. 7 course site to locate and carefully read the Instruction Guide for the Museum or National Park Assignment. The submission should include 3–4 sentences discussing the site proposal as well as the general interest or reason behind the visit. If a student decides to utilize a website, such as a “walking tour” link or a quality YouTube site of a historical museum or location, they will need to include the website address in their assignment submission.

*** Remember to choose one of the following types of sites/locations… 1. A local museum. 2. A National Park. 3. A befitting video website walking video tour or suitable YouTube link of a Museum or National Park. The sites must be related to U.S. historical events between the 1500s-1865. Why? Your historical focus for the final Mod. 7 Museum or National Park writing assignment has to fall within the area of the United States and the aforementioned historical time frame.

Instructor Feedback:

Within a few days after the proposal has been submitted, students will receive a grade and feedback from the instructor. Upon review and discretion, the instructor will approve or disapprove of the proposed location and/or weblink. Possible additional instructor insights may be offered. If the proposal and/or suggested link is not approved by the instructor, the student must promptly locate a new site to utilize that will be acceptable to the instructor. It is most important that students receive instructor approval of the location and/or website before pursuing the visit and writing the follow-up paper assignment that will be due by the close of Mod. 7.


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