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DC Wk 3 Ariana Grande vs Forever 21 Business Legal Issue & Lawsuit Discussion

Week 3: Discussion Board


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Company X sells small hobby drones over the internet to consumers. Jessie buys one of the drones and in the course of using it, the blade falls off mid flight and hits his five year old son, Wink, in the eye, leaving him partially blind. The actual blade and assembly was made in Guatamala by a manufacturer there that has not had offices in the United States.

Jessie hire a lawyer to take his case. Company X is located in Canada but has offices in North Dakota. The accident occurred in Jessie’s home state of Kansas. The value of the case is estimated to be at least $100,000.00, according to the attorney.


Where are the possible places/courts for the lawsuit to be filed?

What are the problems/issues/roadblocks that Jessie may encounter?

What preventative measures could have been taken by Company X to avoid jurisdictional issues?



The subject of your paper will be a relevant business legal issue or controversy in 2019 or 2020. You will research your chosen legal controversy and then take a position on the outcome. I will give you a list of suggested topics, but you may deviate and choose your own with my approval.

Format expectations: Your paper is to be typed and double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font. Your paper will be at least 3 pages in length. Although you are not required to follow the format of the sample paper posted in Moodle, please be sure to cover the following topics with regarding to your case:

  1. Facts;
  2. Type of Case;
  3. Outcome; and
  4. Your Opinion (Agree or disagree? Why or why not?)

Grading Criteria: Your paper will be graded based on these subcategories, with 25% of your grade attributable to each:

  1. Format, Grammar, and Writing Skills;
  2. Position Development;
  3. Use of Research and Legal Authority; and
  4. Consistency and Flow.

Approved Topics:

  • Kendrick Lamar/The Weeknd – Black Panther Soundtrack Dispute
  • Alec Baldwin & Wojciech Cieszkowski (Parking Spot Punch)
  • Scott Gunnells v. American Chopper
  • Josh Stone v. Ariana Grande
  • Ariana Grande v. Forever 21
  • Miley Cyrus – “We Can’t Stop” Dispute
  • Yellowcard v. Juice WRLD
  • Leah Caldwell v. Chipotle
  • Brown v. Starbucks (California Case)
  • Estate of Randy Wolfe v. Led Zepplin
  • Wilfert Williams v. Sacramento River Cats Baseball Club
  • Felipe Ramales v. Victoria Beckham
  • Oberdorf v. Amazon.Com, Inc
  • Onyshko v. NCAA


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