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De Anza College Consensual Acts Discussion

After reading the Brosky and Rosner pieces, pose one question and contribute a paragraph response to another student’s question. If you’re the first contributor, you can ask two questions. Your question should include a quote, with a paraphrase, and an ensuing question. These are due by the beginning of class. 

Examples of question:

Drakopoulou argues “Here consensual acts, acquiring a life of their own, are transformed into litle more than social practices of subjugation. They themselves are the embodiment of power, but a power without a face, a power which neither belongs to nor is exercised by subject or sovereign” (30). As I understand this, Drakopoulou is arguing that the process of consent is a process of subjugation that actually works to erase power under the illusion of personal autonomy. Do you agree?

Peer Response:

on page 195 the author states “In the background, however, will remain the possibility that a different conceptual foundation for legal liability–the second line of argument detailed above–carries serious risks” when discussing how the latter option of defining the actual physical difference between touch with a condom versus touch with a penis can have ramifications against LGBTQ+ people and POC. My question is there a way of rectifying these issues with a civil rights of sex sort of thing? Could discrimination based on these aspects be prevented with proper legislation or are we still too far away in a racist patriarchal system that such legislation wouldn’t even get passed in the first place with such a bill? As can see with the example on page 194 in which the author points out how “too often, the courts use rape by deception to validate and operationalize bigotry, like a Jewish Israeli woman’s horror to learn she had slept with an Arab man.” Can this be prevented in court with legislation or is it too much of a gray area? (p.s. idk if its just me but doesn’t it kinda seem ironic how israeli courts are being used as examples despite the israeli’s governments terrible track record of respecting people. ie palestine lmao).


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