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De Anza College Just a Dream by Nelly Final Reflections Discussion

You need to share with your classmates an example of your favorite writing. You can use poetry, a short story, novel excerpt, or even song lyrics. Be sure to share at least a few lines of the writing so that everyone can see it firsthand.

Questions to answer along with your excerpt:

  • Why does this writing captivate you, in terms of craft (character, description, dialogue, plot, style, etc.)? You might also tell us when you first saw or heard this, how you came across it, how you felt when you first experienced it, etc.
  • Reflect on what you have learned about writing fiction this semester.
  • What, if any, are your future plans for the story you wrote this semester?
  • From which assigned stories did you learn the most this semester?
  • This topic can also be used for last words and connections, suggestions for books to read, and sharing inspiring quotes.

good example:

From Nijj:”

The song that I chose is called “On The Ground” by ROSE.

(below I attached the music video of this song just incase anyone wants to see it)

Here are the lyrics:

I worked my whole life
Just to get right, just to be like
“Look at me, I’m never coming down”
I worked my whole life
Just to get high, just to realize
Everything I need is on the
Everything I need is on the ground

These lyrics captivate me and I really really like the character, description and dialogue that are used in them. The author of this song, ROSE, is very famous and she comes from a popular korean pop girl group called BLACKPINK. In this song, she talks about working hard to get to where she is right now and she also uses a dialogue in the lyrics that says “look at me, I’m never coming down”; showing how high she has gotten up in terms of her singing career and she doesn’t want to come down since she works so hard to achieve to where she gets. However, after everything that she has been through, she also realizes that everything she needs is “on the ground”. Her family, her friends, and everything that she had prior to her career is also very important to her and shapes her into who she is today.

1) I have learnt a lot about writing fiction this semester. I have learnt about character development, the ending of the story that would resonate with the author and the audience, and the structure of conflict, crisis and resolution that is used to help format my story in a smoother way. These are all very great techniques to use in my future writings and I feel like these techniques really do help my writing become a lot stronger.

2) I might plan to add more details into my short story in the future. Right now when we are on the third revision of our short story, I have learnt a lot more about my characters and the issues that are going on inside the story. There are several more details that I can add to my story and make it feel more complete overall.

3) The assignment that made me learn most would definitely be the peer critique feedback. As I have read my peers’ stories, they made me see other people’s strength that I can also use to improve my story. I also get to see other people’s mistakes in their stories that also help to remind me not to do that in my story. When we write our own story, of course we would think that it is good as the way it is because we would write what we think works best. However when we see other people’s stories, it makes us see clearer pictures of improvement that I can suggest to other people to improve on their stories and also use those to improve on my own as well.

All in all, thank you very much Mrs. Ritger for such an amazing class. I honestly feel like I learnt a lot from you since you always give useful and detailed advices and you always reply to students very quickly and timely. Every instruction that you give is always clear and concise and I usually don’t have any further questions when reading your instruction. Thanks for everything and I am grateful for such a great class with a great teacher and other great students in here.”


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