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De Anza College Personal Introduction Letter

There’s a saying that “you can only make one first impression”. Thus, for our first assignment, you’ll be completing a letter of introduction to help with that. Beyond making a (hopefully) positive first impression, this assignment gives you an opportunity to warm up your writing muscles, give you practice with audience-centered writing (I’m the audience here) allow me an opportunity to know you better and get a sense of how you write. Beyond this class, you may find yourself in a situation where you’ll have to write one to introduce yourself to a potential connection (i.e. “networking”), prospective mentor. . or heck, maybe to ask for an add code beyond the generic “hey prof got a spot in your class?”

Write as much as you feel compelled to, but these are generally on the shorter side (so if you’re going over a page, then it’s likely too much). In your letter, you should address the following points:

  • Your name and how you prefer to be addressed
  • Your areas of interests and hobbies (it does not have to be related to academics)
  • Current events or things going on in the world that you might care to explore in this class.
  • What areas your struggle with in regards to writing & critical thinking?
  • What past instructors have done to make previous classes a positive or meaningful learning experience
  • Any additional information you feel I, as your instructor, should know that may help or hinder your performance this term.
  • Any questions that you would like to ask me (something not addressed in the syllabus; about the course; about me).

Focus on completion, not perfection. I am simply grading this based on completion: That said, please try your best to make this a coherent piece of writing (check for spelling; use paragraphs, not a wall of text, etc.) After all, it’s likely going to be my first meaningful communication with you!

If you’re feeling especially stuck, I’m including a few resources on how to format a letter of introduction to give you an idea:

Letter of Introduction: Examples & Writing Tips (Links to an external site.)  Letter of Introduction Overview & Tips


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