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De Anza College Personal Language Narrative Essay

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Tell the story of your relationship to language ( don’t have to be fancy writings )

Write about your history with language, including your struggles, pride, and ambitions. Consider the following questions as guides to spark your exploration. Rather than trying to answer them all, use them as a means to find the story you wish to narrate about your experience with language, past, present, and future:

What language(s) did you grow up speaking? If you grew up speaking a language other than English, do you have a special love or pride about the language you grew up speaking? When did you learn English? What was that like? How do you feel about English now? Whether or you are bilingual, do you feel there is a difference between the way you speak with the people close to you and the way you have to speak and write in school? Is that fair?

When and how did you learn to read and write? Was that fun or a struggle? How do you feel about reading and writing now? What kinds of things do you like to read and write and which to you dislike? Are there things you particularly love that you’ve read or written? Writers that inspire you?

What do you believe about language? Do you believe there is a politics to language? Can rules of language be oppressive? Can language be used for liberation? How does this relate to you personally?

How does language and writing have anything to do with what matters to you in life? How do you imagine that writing will play a role in your future?

What parts of yourself—your language, your culture, your unique sense of self—do you want to make sure to preserve as you complete your education? Is it important to you to make sure education does not cause you to assimilate into mainstream American life? If so, what actions do you take to hold onto and cultivate your unique voice as you move forward?


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