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Deakin College With Love from AUS Essay

Research and write a 1200-word planning report that describes what you consider to be the strategic imperatives of your selected advertisement by providing insight into the following areas:

  • Consumer behaviour – Describe how relevant models of consumer behaviour can be applied to the campaign. Choose one or two of the theoretical models (e.g. purchase decision-making process, engagement/involvement factors and consumer roles, etc) and elaborate in relation to the product and/or product category.
  • Situation/environment factors – Based on your research, develop a bullet point PEEST analysis that responds to your research into relevant situational factors in the broader social and market environment. Give 3-4 relevant factors for each section.
  • Segmentation – Develop a segmentation table that describes at least four different segments that may exhibit demand for this product offering. Use the Roy Morgan and ABS sources as your guide and adapt as required for the product/product category.
  • Target audience profile – Identify which segment (chosen from your segmentation table) would be the most profitable to target and write succinct narrative profile about this target audience (1-2 paragraphs). It might be a single segment from the table or a compound of elements from several.
  • Advertising effects – Identify the advertising objectives and effects you believe this advertising campaign has been developed to achieve. Use the list of objectives and effects from the textbook as your guide. Choose 2-4 of the most significant ones and elaborate as relevant to the campaign.
  • Media mix choices – Based on your research, identify at least two other media channels and vehicles that could be used to support the ‘big idea’ communicated in the advertisement; provide rationales for your choices.

Part B must show evidence of research by drawing from from the unit textbook and at least one (1) scholarly source and at least four (4) government, industry and/or trade sources to help frame and substantiate key points or claims. For the sake of clarity and economy, where possible you will focus the analysis primarily on the Australian market (i.e. what kinds of planning issues would need to be considered for the campaign and/or product category to operate effectively in Australian markets).


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