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Deep Behind Enemy Lines Presentation

THere are total 3 stpes for this Markrting  Plan and PPT.

1. Develop a concept for an entertainment property you would be interested in pursuing. This could be a feature film, a TV series or a new media property. For this Project section of your business plan, create a title, specify the genre, create a one to the two-sentence logline, and create a short synopsis of your project.

(I already finished this part)

2. Create a Budget Top Sheet, the Production Plan, Financial Plan,

Distribution and Marketing section for your project.

3. Develop a pitch deck with 20 slides for the presentation of your

business strategy for your project, based on your business plan.

  1. Title?How do people communicate?

Gener: Variety show

Logline: This Show will invite celebrities from different countries and ensure that they only speak their own languages. And let them go to the wild to complete a series of survival tasks. This program aims to show how people communicate when they have different languages and learn about different cultures around the world.

2. Title?$3000

Gener: Talk Show

Logline: This talk show is about how long it takes for Americans in different industries to earn ?3000. How long do they need to work, and how to make money. This program can increase the public’s understanding of different professions.

3. Title?Deep behind enemy lines

Gener: Action Film

Logline: During World War II, Kris Wu was an American soldier. In 1940, German power gradually grew. Kris, German-American mixed blood, was sent to Germany for a secret and great mission. Although his name is not left in history, he will always live in the people’s hearts.

4. Title?Endless gambling

Gener: TV series

Logline: Kris Wu was drunk in the game with his friends, and when he woke up, he realized that the world had become different. Many people disappeared, and he needs to participate in gambling games to survive. Once he loses, death will be waiting for him. . . 


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