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Development of Early Modernity Discussion

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In this second unit we will discuss the development of early “Modernity,” a word whose manifold uses suggest no simple definition. Typically the word was used to describe the nascency of modern industrial and colonial Europe, but more recent years the idea of “multiple modernities”-that other large-scale societies were undergoing massive transformations borne of intercultural exchange and warfare as well as technological developments and the incursion of Europeans-has come to affect how we think about the motor of modernization. There is no way to discuss the integration of the global economic system, which underwrites our contemporary sense of global art, without discussing the transformation of Europe into a capitalistic and democratic system of nations, but we will also consider the perspectives of the nations it colonized (or attempted to colonize ).

June 14 – Revolution and Romance-European Art, 1750-1850

Gardner’s , chapter 27

June 18 – Industrialization, Colonialism, and the Beginnings of Modernism

Gardner’s , chapter 28

June 21 – Japan and East Asian Modernity Gardner’s , chapter 34

June 25 – African ArtPre- and Post -Colonial Gardner’s Chapter 38

June 28 – Modernity and Alterity : Colonialism and the Transfiguration of Art at the Turn of the Twentieth Century Gardner’s , chapter 29


The assignment will fit the standard format of 3 pages, double-spaced, 12 pt type (Times or equivalent sized font), 1 inch margins.

This paper will be a comparative analysis of three portraits from any part of the world that is within the parameters of this class. You are to examine the ways the artist uses the resources of their medium to construct an image of the sitter. Think about how the composition structures the relationship between sitter and viewer so as to articulate a sense of the ideal personal relationship the sitter would like to have , how the native capacities of the material (for example line and color in the case of painting) support this positioning but also make alternative kinds of references (for example , is the artist’s style so personal it’s as much a reference to them as to the sitter). One warning based on the last paper : make sure you draw out full comparisons instead of just writing two separate paragraphs with a summary conclusion that makes a few distinctions between the works.


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