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Development of the Jewish Forced Labor Program Discussion Paper

Your responses must be drawn from the lectures, class discussions, and the required readings. Please reference at the end of each paragraph, where your information comes from. If you quote from the readings, put the reference at the end of the quote.

The essay should be 5+ pages (Times New Roman 12 pt, double spaced), excluding the bibliography.

Please perceive the essay as a response to the main question. Use the sub-questions as a guideline, which topics we expect to be discussed. Each sub-question should be equally addressed for 20 points.

Your response will be graded for the clarity of the arguments, the richness of the details, and the completeness of elaboration on each sub-question.

Remember to mention the year and the month of the events, which you are discussing.

Overarching Question: How did anti-Jewish policy develop since the beginning of the war in 1939?

Subquestions more or less one page each:

1. How did the forced labor program for Jews develop during the war and how did its significance for the Jewish population change?

2. When, where, why, and by whom were ghettos established and how did it affect the Jewish population?

3. When, how, and why did mass killings of Jews start and how did the mass murder program develop?

4. How and when did Jewish women and men experience parts of the persecution differently?

5. How did Jews respond and resist -as individuals and as groups- towards the persecution and mass murder?

Upon accepting the bid I will send class readings that you can pick apart and put into your response respective to each sub-question. Attached find the outline to help guide you through these responses to the subquestions.

Please notice: ***The due date is in 40 hours not 48. My assignment is due in 42 hours. Please send it in on time in case any edits need to be made***


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