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DeVry University Non Verbal Communication Discussion Post

Description: This is a 2 part assignment. The 1st part is the discussion post. The 2nd part is responding to 3 classmates posts. After the initial discussion post is completed I will then add 3 of the classmates posts so that you can write 1 short response to each post.

Materials: I am attaching the videos along with screenshot material of types of non verbal communication. It is not allowing me to upload all the screenshots for some reason so I will share the rest in the comments.

Assignment: Review the concepts in module 3 and be sure to review the Learning Objects before answering the discussion question.

Discussion 3:

Watch both videos posted in the module and review the types of nonverbal communication to gain some good, visual insight about these behaviors.

1. Give one example of a situation in which nonverbal communication was misinterpreted in a cultural situation (it can be within the U.S. or another country). It can be a situation you experienced or witnessed, or it can be something you saw on the news such as with a politician or celebrity.

2. Explain the NVC; and then explain what should have been done to create a better understanding of the situation.

Tip to understand: Think of the cultural difference shown in the segment of the documentary “Secrets of Body Language” in the scene where President Bill Clinton had the Israeli and Palestinian leaders at Camp David. You see there was a power struggle entering the building. To those in the West (U.S., England, Western Europe, etc.), we would move aside to be polite and it does not matter to us who enters first or last. In the Middle East, there is great cultural significance in who enters last. The last one in the room or building is the “power person”. This is an example of a cultural difference. To make this situation better, President Clinton could have had both doors open to the building and the two men could have walked in together instead of physically struggling with the President and others just laughing.

After you submit your initial post, reply to three or more of your classmates’ postings.


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