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Diablo Valley College Communication Break Down TED Talk Discussion

first classmate

One communication breakdown I can think of happened at my work, Starbucks. I was multitasking because we were down some people when someone came up to the register and ordered a normal cappuccino. When I made his coffee I brought it to him he was mad at the fact that it had a lot of foam (which is normal for a cappuccino.) I told him the difference between a cappuccino and a latte and he realized he actually wanted a latte. I remade the drink and all was well in the end.

In this case, this person and I were the communicators, the message was the drink that the man wanted, and the context was the respectful employee/customer dynamic. He did give me feedback about the drink that he received. In addition, there was definitely noise from espresso machines, people talking in the cafe, and music over the loudspeakers.

The communication process that contributed the most would probably be the message that I tried to convey to the customer. After talking back and forth he progressively got less and less aggressive and in the end, was nice. Something I could have handled better was taking his order. I might have come off as I was in a rush. The customer could have handled it better by asking clarifying questions about lattes and cappuccinos to make his message be clearer.

here is the 2nd classmates post

There had been many commutation issues at my workplace, especially when the department I had recently moved into had a new change in leadership. The pandemic didn’t help but the lack of leadership on the managers part became clear when every time they had a task they would pass it along to the assistants rather than talking to the employees themselves. This caused many misconstrued words and actions that led to the manager blaming the employees and ultimately in two years led to 10 employees quitting.

The communicator sends the messages down the wrong channels and the context then shifts as word of mouth exchanges, the feedback is negative as the noise of dealing with too many problems at once comes into play and the employees then mix and match which part of their job they have to focus on first.

The channel is the main issue besides the commutator themselves, if they had gone to the employees or even texted them, the entire issue would be resolved. 


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